Monday, April 4, 2016

C – The curry story !

“The curry does not taste right today! Are you trying to poison me? I tell you …you are reading too many Agatha Christies nowadays! Just tell me to go away…no need to do these stunts! “

“What rubbish! You are watching too many Hindi movies! Poison you!!  As if!!....Please, I have better things to do….”

“Okay…let’s not fight on this…I was just joking. But seriously, this curry does not taste right! Taste it and see! Have you changed the recipe? “

“You have forgotten, We have got a new cook …I haven’t cooked anything today! “

“A new cook? Who is she? And what have I done to her? Why does she want to kill me?…don’t look like that …don’t you have a sense of humor ? Okay…please tell me this…Is bitter curry her specialty “

“Aha! Sarcasm!! Let me taste it! “

“Hmmm…It has some very familiar and distinctive flavor ! ‘

“ Oh,Yes ! It smells like….coffee ??? “

“What ? “

“The brilliant lady has put coffee powder instead of cumin powder! She has no brain and she has no nose!!”

“ You are a very disorganized lady..mixing up bottles like that ! One day you will surely kill me !”

“ Bang “ ( A sound of getting hit on the head by a coffee bottle !)