Tuesday, April 5, 2016

D-Dog-eared books

These are simply my favorite kind of books! Well thumbed…well read…well loved! I know, some people hate it, when you do that to books…I have several friends who make it a point to gift me a dozen bookmarks (instead of books!) But I choose to ignore them! (After this confession, none of them will ever lend me a book!)

It is not that I don’t try it…you know, to keep the books pristine and untouched (!) But I keep on losing the bookmarks! Then I use pens, my spectacles, another book…(At least I am not as bad as the person who had used an omelet as a book mark!)

Besides, folding a page feels satisfactory…it means that the book is truly mine!

Perhaps that is why I haven’t bought a Kindle yet! After all, you cannot fold a Kindle, right?