Thursday, January 19, 2017

Reality or perception ?

Is  anything real in this world ? Is anything like what it appears to be ? Or is it just our perception ?

Take a chair for instance : it looks like a solid object made from wood….dense, heavy,a reassuring sensation beneath us...but actually it is not so. As with all matter, atoms of chair have lot of empty space inside them . In fact most of the objects consist of empty spaces at the molecular level.

Have you noticed that your image in the mirror is not what like the one in your photographs ? Or when you listen to your recorded voice , it is totally different from the one which you hear when you speak ?  

When you think you can do something very well , there is a sudden,unexpected twist and you find that , you are not an expert after all !

There are some forms of illusions which I absolutely love ! Those pictures which did rounds of whatsapp ,where you see something and then suddenly perceive something else ?

My all time favourite illusion would be a murder mystery, where by elaborate and deliberate means, the murderer is kept hidden till very last page of the book !

It often happens to us, we think that XYZ doesn’t like us and we look for negative meaning in his/her normal behaviour. Instead of reality,we are giving in to our perceptions! But again,who knows what is the reality ?

It is my firm belief that everything is  relative. Truth is relative (and so is God) .

When we encounter something ,it is our five senses and one brain that interprets and labels that thing or feeling or experience. It will depend on our prior experiences too. It is going to be different for different people. For example, I may love some book or movie but at the same time, my friend might feel it is terrible. That is why I can never call something bad , I can only say that I liked/disliked it. ( That reminds me of my dear friend S, who simply loves every movie that she watches ! It is her theory that a lot of effort has gone into making of this movie . Who are we to condemn it ?)

To conclude,I think,  there is no such thing as absolute reality. If I may call it , ‘relative reality’  is the term. ( But it sounds nonsense and bizarre... well... that is YOUR perception... I quite like it !)

After all,  it  depends on how you look at it ...