Saturday, January 21, 2017

Learning never stops

Learning never stops. It never should. Only dead stop growing,at least in this world. They might be growing in other world,if it exists. You are learning from the moment you are born,but I guess that is what is programmed in your genes. What you learn in schools is decided by the board of examinations. A lucky few may learn something of real value in schools. For the rest,it is the life itself who is the best teacher.

Like most people,I too,have learnt a lot from this life. Most of the learning came retrospectively , after the event passed. When I was living the event ,I could only sense the pain and hardship. Like most, I too have showered verbal abuses on the life which was throwing so many lemons( problems!) at me. I still haven't learnt to welcome and enjoy problems or the art of making lemonade from life's lemons , but hey ! Hope never dies !

I can not write everything that I have learnt in these last -- years … It would be an autobiography. ( I will definitely write one , if/when I become great….can't decide between if and when….)

Last year,I changed my job. It was a culture shock to join my present organization,my last job being extremely structured and busy. I could not get used to the slow pace and laid back work culture. I felt I had joined a primary school after finishing Ph.D. I was frustrated and had frequent thoughts of running away. But I stayed. Consequently, I have learnt that every place  has its merits. Some will teach you advanced techniques. Some will teach you problem solving at absolute grass root level, which you have forgotten in this advanced technological world. You should have the right attitude, open mind and  should be ready to learn . With perseverance and never-say-die-attitude you can learn to bear or even enjoy, most situations. I have .