Sunday, September 18, 2016

Why do I read ?

Why do I read ?

In the book ‘ Where I am  reading from ‘ Tim Parks asks himself , a series of questions...why do I read ? Why do I write ? What books do I like ? And why do I hate a book which my friend loved?… on and so forth….

Really , why do I read ? ....Probably to run away from unwanted thoughts ,questions ,stress …

To get entertained , to find healing , to find answers…..

I was a lazy child , and I suspect that I started reading ,probably to avoid running and playing....

But now I read to know myself . I want to know that my thoughts ,feelings and opinions are shared by somebody-anybody....

I want to have answers ,I want to know why some things happen,I want to know how to cope….

I also read because I want to learn,grow ,organize my thoughts.

I read because I want to write.

I read because I prefer solitude. Reading is a pastime of solitary people.Solitude and reading nurture each other….

Yes, books mean a lot to me and no events, or turns in my life have been able to replace it permanently…

Yes …..I am a reader !!!