Friday, October 14, 2016

Alone...preferably !

Lately I have started watching plays/movies by myself.

Once you get over the awkward feeling of going alone and sitting by yourself ,then you really enjoy yourself.After all ,watching plays is an individual experience. In fact,this has given me a lot of freedom.I can chose a convenient time and I can choose what I want to watch. No senseless comedies for me and no racy thrillers too , I find that I am stressed out if I want to watch a thriller/suspense movie for 3 hours continuously. I would rather watch it in parts ,getting up to finish household chores when tension becomes too much.

But it is not that I always watch plays/movies alone. (For movies I definitely prefer having company,  because of  the moviegoing crowd and the show timings- there is a very practical thought behind this…..But still I must say that I am more of a play person than a movie one....) I used to go with Himself initially , but Himself has a really annoying habit , as soon as we are out of the theatre he starts narrating the play scene by scene ! Irritating !!

So, finally, I have come to this satisfactory decision of watching plays by myself - I don't have to chitchat , make small talk or discuss the plot during the interval , don’t have to make predictions about the end , don’t have to laugh aloud even if I don't feel like it ( to justify myself if the play was my choice or to make my companion feel good if it was his !) I can immerse myself completely in the plot …

And sometimes write a few lines too , as I have written these…..