Thursday, May 5, 2016

Meaning behind rituals...

Are we confusing between religion and rituals ?

Is any religion defined or limited or bound by rituals ? If you give up certain rituals , do you become a nonbeliever ?

Isn't any religion much above all the rituals ?

Are rituals ,in their elaborate form , a shortcut or direct hotline to attain oneness with The Almighty ?

Why were rituals developed in first place ? Probably as a means to establish a connection with the One ? As a reason to connect socially ? Or may be out of fear too ?

Personally, I love some so called rituals , lighting a diya and an incense stick in the evening or visiting a relatively empty ,silent temple ....they serve as a trigger connect with Him. I close my eyes , take deep breaths and I feel His love all around me . Good if you know formal prayers and stotras ...I don't know any ... but that doesn't matter ... ( Do all those who chant and read religious texts, pay attention to the meaning all the time ? A sincere doubt ...because I see people chanting while they drive too ! )

People queuing in front of temples on a particular day , pushing and shoving , spending hours .... for that millisecond of a darshan .... people all around you saying " Move on...move on...." All this for what ? Does God reside in the temple and only on that particular day ?

As a doctor , I believe that eating a simple , wholesome,balanced meal every day is healthier than any fast ... Eating only fruits the whole day ,especially when you are working will slow down your metabolism. ( But I am not a nutrition may choose to ignore this,if you want to !)

 A cousin of mine , when he comes down from the U.S. has to undergo a purification ceremony, before he can visit a particular temple in Goa. Do you think this was an ancient tradition ? I think it must have started from the fear , fear of what lay behind the seven seas ...fear of unknown....

So ,are these rituals relevant in their present form ? or can they be modified and made so ?What do you think ?