Monday, April 18, 2016

The letter O ....

O for Oranges… in summer… with their sharp, sweet and sour taste (as opposed to winter ones, they are merely sweet … my perception !) On a hot May afternoon ,you are travelling in a Mumbai local train, You feel you are dying of thirst and a lady selling oranges appears…A perfect time to eat these delicious little things ( little because these oranges sold in the train are always smallish, about the size of a big lemon)

O for Orange, the colour…conjures another image…., again associated with the month of May…streets lined by the flowering tree Delonix regia ( known locally as Gulmohar ) The streets appear fresh and vibrant ,notwithstanding the sweltering heat….
May and Orange…a strong correlation!

And then , O for ‘O sajna ,barkha bahar aai “…. My favourite song ,only song in my playlist to start with the letter O ,a sharp contrast with the May heat… rain , Lata , Salil Chowdhury and Sadhana ….