Saturday, April 23, 2016


I enrolled in this challenge very late .People had decided on their themes and were ready with most of their posts too! (I assumed this!) This sent me into a panic mode – I have to do so much in such a little time! How will I manage? What shall I do? OMG!!!

Then I calmed myself down, took deep breaths and sat down one night ,just started writing a series of short posts one after other. Next morning I read them…they were utterly boring! Back to square one!!

After continuing in panic mode for two whole days, it dawned on me – I don’t have to write all the posts now ! I am making a simple, enjoyable task into a monumental one! Why see so much ahead and cloud the present?

We do this often in life “So much weight to lose! I will never succeed…Why begin then?” You don’t have to lose all that weight right now…you just have to begin now…Break down this monumental task into a smaller will be surely enjoyable !

Just begin…and continue…you will reach your destination one day ….