Friday, April 15, 2016

M - Mind games and meditation

It is my sincere wish that I should learn to meditate. I have read up a lot on this, made copious notes and attended a couple of courses too.

But then, my mind starts playing games with me….a sort of cross examination!

“Why do you want to learn to meditate?”

“To control you, of course!”

“You think you can do it, huh?”

“Yes, I can…it is not that difficult, people do it every day!”

“Okay…If you think so…but tell me, what are you really trying to achieve?”

“Hmmm….Peace of mind ?”

“ Oh…so the next time you face an unpleasant situation or confrontation, you will say…wait…let me meditate and bring back my peace of mind ….”

“ This is precisely why I want to meditate….always arguments and counter questions ! I will be very good at it, you will see soon ! “

Well…I am still waiting for that moment to arrive…aarrrgh !!! My mind games !