Friday, April 15, 2016

Favourite books and their authors !

I love to talk on my favourite books , so much so that I often bore people ! That is why I had decided to stay away from this topic....But alas !  You simply can not give up some addictions....

Who is my favourite author ?? ...hmmm... I find it very difficult to name one....I would rather talk about my favourite books....

As the years pass, I find that my reading tastes are changing. Earlier I used to read fiction, now I read more of non fiction - travelogues , spirituality , memoirs and surprisingly science and math too!

A few books which I loved on science and math -

 Math - Alex's adventures in numberland - a fascinating book about numbers and math .

Science - Stephen Hawking's 'A brief history of time' - a difficult to understand book but still made me want to read up more on physics.
               Bill Bryson's 'A short history of nearly everything' ...if you can call it a science book  ,extremely entertaining and informative book , made me feel happy about being a science student !

When I was into fantasy -fiction I read many book-series including Jonathan Stroud's Bartimaeus trilogy. Bartimaeus trilogy was very well written. But I find that when I like one book from the series and  buy the next parts , more often than not , I am sorely disappointed. ( Examples - Samit Basu's Game world trilogy -A fantastic first book and not-so-great 2nd-3rd., Christopher Paolini's Eragon - All the books except the first one were BORING- in fact I felt , I was reading the same book again and again ! )

But Harry Potter ( JKR) hasn't disappointed me at all ! I love the way  " the truth prevails , evil is punished ,all the loose threads are nicely tied up , every question gets answered and Harry-Ginny & Ron- Hermione get married ! "

One author whose all published books I have read and intend to read whatever he writes next ( Fits into the category of a favourite author!) is a marathi author ,Mr. Achyut Godbole. The man is simply amazing !! He has written on ALL possible subject on the earth ! .... Economics,science , math, music , movies,books,scientists and their inventions, paintings ,nanotechnology ( a textbook or two on computer programming ) and an autobiography. Every book is well researched and written in a very simple language. I am always amazed at the interest he takes on so many subjects , gathers reference books and writes a 400 page bestseller !