Thursday, April 14, 2016

L - Less is more !

I agree that it is a cliche ! But it is my favourite cliche !

Less is more ....that is why I prefer writing short posts ....I don't have patience to read looooong ones ....why would I write one ?

Less is more .....  The more clothes I have , I feel confused and undecided in the morning.... so I limit my wardrobe to just enough clothes... when I buy new clothes , I donate the older ones....

Less is more ... only a few classy pieces ....jewellery , furniture, all is just clutter !

Less is more ....We should follow this , to achieve satiety through just a few bites of our favourite ,calorie rich food ..... balance between health and indulgence !

Less is more .... real communication...a few meaningful words ...coming to the point in just a few sentences is all noise !!

Less is more ....hmmmm .....  one thing where I am unable to follow this .....books !!

What do you think ? Should I do that ???