Tuesday, April 12, 2016

J- Journal and the Journey of life

The journey of life…and within it, numerous small journeys …of education, love, marriage, relationships, motherhood, carrier, jobs, hobbies ….. And yes…of enlightenment … a spiritual journey …. for some lucky souls…

I have been maintaining a journal since last 30 years . Initially it had only one line entrees.  “ Watched the episode of such and such serial.. utterly boring !” “ She is so mean ! I am never going to speak with her again! “ At one point ,I had stopped writing in my journal- I had other important stuff happening in my life – studies ,friends, movies…

As I entered my 20s ,I realized that I needed to say things which people didn’t want to hear ! ( Various reasons ! The most obvious being everybody likes to say things and nobody wants to listen ! ) Slowly ,as I started writing my journal again, I began to note down the things which I couldn’t disclose to my friends…fears , jealousies ,envies , insecurities….

Today, when I read those journals again, I understand the journey of my life...some things are the same, I do the same mistakes again and again…but, there is progress too… and I have realized that “This too shall pass…”

And my journey is still on…..the journal continues….