Wednesday, April 6, 2016

E - Eccentric

 ‘Eccentric or may be a little mad..’That’s how he was described by most people. He stayed alone, in a big house .He had no friends .All his relatives had severed ties with him due to his behavior.

His house was actually inhabitable…dirty , unkept,filled with all sorts of junk ,kept for some obscure,vague reasons. There was a lot of inflammable material too. Neighbors were scared that a fire will destroy them if he happened to be careless one day ( and knowing him. that day was not very far !)

But he thought he was different, he was taking the road less travelled, was going against the flow. He was a budding entrepreneur…that’s what he was ! What people thought as junk was the raw material for his business….

Some people thought that he was alone because he had disposed of his wife , some thought he was eccentric because his wife died, and there was another rumor that his wife ran away because of his nature !

And one day,he crossed the fine line between eccentricity and madness…into the jungles of schizophrenia ….simply disappeared…and was never found again….