Friday, April 8, 2016

Books...and more books !

Though this blog is called  'About books and certain other things ' ,I have realised that this has become more ' about certain other things' rather than books ! It is not that I am not reading , but with a new job ,I have been preoccupied with work and writing about the books that I have read in 2016 ( around 16 till now..not a great number...I know!) has taken a backseat.

But whether I write about it or not , I have been buying books...especially second hand ones.Getting inspired by Mr. Ekbote ( You can find the link to his blog here ) , I thought ,I will at least document whatever books I have purchased ( This is the influence of ISO 15189 and NABH training which I am taking currently!)

These are the latest ones that I have bought-Of these ,I finished  'The Good luck of right now' yesterday. Now , I have started on ' The woman who fell from the sky.'

This is progress ! I am actually reading the books which I buy !

 " The Good luck of right now " - Matthew Quick -( An extremely short review!)

The title and the cover page both are interesting and quirky , those were the things that made me pick up this book. This is a story of Bartholomew Neil , who is probably not 100% normal. His mother has passed away recently and he is learning to cope with that situation.

What I loved the most , was the unusual format in which this book was written.The book is written in form of letters to Mr. Richard Gere. ( Now 'why' and 'why Mr.Gere' are the questions which I am not going to answer.)

I liked the book though I felt that the end was a bit too simplified.