Friday, April 1, 2016

A ...Ardent admirer

 I have never had an ardent admirer in my life...well almost never...the only time I had one was....okay..let me begin at the beginning...

This story happened during second year of my pathology residency. I was cutting open a specimen of intestine when I received a call.

" Hello ? Is it Maya ? "

" Yes,it is . Who is this ? "

" You don't know me , But I am your ardent admirer ! "

"Why ? What have I done ? "

He went on saying some  nonspecific things  about me , vaguely praising me , I suppose . But didn't reveal  who he was .

I scratched my head , tried to find a voice match in my head  and asked all my friends ( all pranksters !) ...but no avail !

This A.A. called up once more , He said his name was XXXX . I was sure I didn't know any XXXX and told him so.  I was about to ask him to come and meet me right now , when he suddenly disconnected .

Till date I don't know who he was ( and not sure that it was a 'He '..the voice was sort of androgynous .) I strongly suspect it was one of my prankster friends , but the most suspicious characters had strong alibis !

So...there it is unsolved mystery...