Sunday, March 27, 2016

Participating in A to Z challenge for the first time ever !

Finally I have done it ! Signed up for A -Z blogging challenge ! Still not sure that I can do it....but this is the dialogue that has been running through my mind for last couple of days.....

1.Can I do it ? ( won't know unless you try ! )

2.What shall I write on ? ( Anything...of course you will follow the alphabet for the day...luckily you have to write only short posts....)

3.What if I develop a block midway through the challenge ? ( Hmmmm.....a distinct possibility....Try writing some of them now...and cross your fingers for the rest ! )

4. What if I am too busy and have no time ? ( you can find time for whatever you really want to do and that is a fact !!)

5. Will they be good posts ? I mean,I have never written so much in such a short time ! ( That's a chance you will have to take !)

6.Why am I taking part in this ? ( Besides increasing the page views you mean ? love writing and you love I have to explain more ? )

7.But then why did I procrastinate so much ? and why I feel more scared than excited ? ( Oh !! shuddup girl !! ...You think too much ! Just do it !!! )

So...there it is....the ' A-Z blogging challenge ' !