Sunday, March 20, 2016

Wrong number

A weird thing happened today...actually it started day before yesterday. I got a call from an unknown number .

The voice on the other side said something which sounded like “ Jalaram ?” He may have been saying my name ,but it was not at all clear .

I said “ Sorry, wrong number “ .

After disconnecting I saw it ( on true caller) was my old classmate MM ( the class bore ! )

Today I got a missed call from him.

I thought ,let me call him, he must have some work....and class bore or not ,I will feel better ,once I say sorry for the other day.

So I called him back.  

“Hello ?”

“ Did you just call me ?”

“Sorry..wrong number !! “

This fellow had called me so that he could throw my words back on my face !!

How childishly weird !!

What do you think about this ?