Wednesday, March 16, 2016

A serial healer !

Don't be confused ! It's just that I am going to tell you about the only serial I watch..or should I call it a drama ? Hmmmm....Never mind.....a rose is a rose and all that....Hope you understand !!

There was a time when I used to watch all sorts of marathi serials , especially never missed ones made by Mr.Satish Rajwade. Hindi serials were never my cup of tea ( but urdu...made in Pakistan ...became very much my cup of tea,coffee and all the other beverages ! ...have already written loads on it !) Then I grew up....mentally of course ! ....and suddenly I couldn't stand T.V.....

And then ,on one fine day ,my son , A , changed all that. He started watching  " House M.D. " and had me hooked ! Now I don't miss a single episode !

No..the entire credit doesn't go to A . I have to give at least some credit to a book called ' Every patient tells us a story '...a fascinating account of some very intriguing cases that the author Lisa Sanders M.D. ( who is incidentally the technical/medical adviser to  "House" )came across.

Being a doctor ,I have always stayed away from medical fiction, but this was more like a medical detective story,where doctor is the detective and illness is the perpetrator .Now that I have started watching it, I am not contactable between 10 -11p.m....( Sorry folks !)

House M.D. is a drama about a diagnostician ( How I love that word !) called Dr.House ( but obvious !) and his team. House is brilliant,proficient in multiple languages including mandarin and spanish , is musically inclined  ,and has  some really weird prejudices ( hates to take history because " Everybody lies ! " ) He is also  irritating , misanthropic ,cynical,vicodin addicted and opinionated  . Incidentally , we find a lot of similarities between House and Holmes...misanthropy , addiction, brilliance , music  and..... the  great powers of deduction ! Dr.House is his Holmsy best in his O.P.D. (out patient department or Clinics as they are known) . House hates them , but they are really entertaining, serving as a comic relief in what are otherwise very intense episodes . A new case every time,some very astute observations,including a few about patient's intimate and personal life and voila ! the diagnosis is made !

 A typical episode begins with some intense medical drama happening in patient's life which brings him to the hospital where all the other doctors fail to diagnose him ( but we never see this..only get  hints about this fact....) After doing all sorts of tests , and reviving the patient after multiple treatment related cardiac arrests , when the team still doesn't know the diagnosis ,House has an epiphany ! Here again a similarity between Holmes and House...a chance remark of one of his Watsons points him to the correct direction .

Well ,it gets filmy at some points ( Not as filmy as Amar Akbar Anthony...thank God !). House and his team doing all kinds of investigations and procedures themselves , ( Although I have observed recently ,that they do not perform organ transplants...LOL !! ) . Okay...I accept it..... House is some kind of superman who can see Naegleria ( a kind of amoeba ) with naked eyes !!

But still...I love watching it ! unfolds like a detective story...a puzzle...with clues and red herrings thrown in...which my medical brain should have spotted ( But it can't....they are too rare to be thought first ! ) and the answer , though extremely improbable , is immensely satisfying ! You feel happy when patients goes home !

And I am very happy that , we are still on season 2 and there are going to be many more happy evenings !!!