Saturday, December 12, 2015

Life is a mystery box !

Anxiety ....worry ......fear.....Three devils that blacken the mood of most of us !!....

This could mean only one thing....our wish to be able to look into the future ( sadly , no mortal can do it !) You worry yourself sick about the future and cloud your present too !

Life is a mystery box ! You don't know what's inside it.... Just like in Masterchef...I love the Mystery box's scary but fun too !

Sometimes , I equate life to listening songs on a don't know which is going to be the next song and suddenly there is  "O sajna barkha bahar aayi " or   " Jalate hain jiske liye ".....You drop all that you are doing , close your eyes and lose yourself in the divine music....At other times, you do have to listen to cacophony sometimes....well ...that is exactly how life is....

And then there is allure of veiled see only a pair of lovely eyes and you imagine a celestial beauty ! The mystery enhances our imagination !

Fortune tellers are scary ....what if they tell you about some unpleasant event that will occur in future ? will die twice, no...make it thrice....once immediately after listening to the news...once when that thing occurs ....and once ,rather many times, in between,when you think about what is going to happen in future ! A prolonged torture !!'

Man has  always been scared of the unknown. He wants security,not uncertainty , because he hasn't yet learned to enjoy uncertainty. Here the man uses his imagination to create scary things that may occur in future.

 Each day will bring wonderful new surprises...some pleasant ,some unpleasant.... but each will be a great learning experience ..... You enjoy ( or suffer ) grow....

Life can be understood in retrospect but we have to live it while moving forwards ! So, let's learn to enjoy this mystery novel called "Life".

Wait for tomorrow in a joyous anticipation and accept all that life is bringing to you !

Enjoy !!