Friday, December 11, 2015

Happy new year ( resolutions ) !!!

So...It's December again !...actually already through one third of the month ! Hmmm....I think it is the right time to look back last year's resolutions and see what all I have managed to keep..... and then, may be,make a few for this year ,too ! Making resolutions and not keeping is a widespread ( or is it worldwide?)...disease ? hobby ?.....Sadly, this year wasn't any different.....I haven't been able to keep a single one !!!

It is said that,new year resolutions do not last for more than 3 weeks...( mine did not last for even a week!,.....anyway,that's a different story !) That's why I thought, I should start right now, three weeks before the actual new year that on first of January ,I am ready to start anew with my re-resolutions!

Before proceeding to this year's resolutions,a brief look at my last year's resolutions....Looking at my track record, I had decided that I will make only 3-4 resolutions ,so that I will be able to keep all. Alas! I have failed miserably....

1.I haven't lost even 100 gms of weight...( My resolution since last 16 years! )

2.Even a simple resolution like drinking more water( will help in losing weight and result in a glowing skin !) ,but I have failed miserably.

3. I was sure that I would keep my resolution of not buying any more books before I finished reading  all I had,but ,in fact, this was the first resolution to be broken...right in the first week of January! coming to present....

1. Weight loss is a monster ! I am not going to fight with it any more !!
Instead,I will concentrate on health...healthy eating and some kind of exercise daily.
 Better health = More energy = Better life !

2.See positives in any situations. Simple,isn't it ? But much needed...considering my nature !

3.Writing...daily ! ( To blog or not is a different issue...but writing in my book is what I mean)

That's all ! Only three !!

 A review after a month.....till then....Happy new year in advance !