Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hello there !!!

Hello ! Hello !!

My name is Red ! ....No--No...I am not Orhan pamuk's novel...I am this lady's (The lady... henceforth  referred as m'lady ).... "The Notebook " ...the lady whose blog (Is that what it is called ?)  you are reading currently !....( The notebook ...again not the Nicholas Spark's novel ...)

Now, because I have a red cover, I named myself  Red...! ( Just to mention, m'lady tried reading aforementioned book a few years back, but I am sure she didn't finish it, if she had,she would have surely told me....) name is Red and I am over a year old..( we do not disclose our true age...nobody knows it...that's why ,perhaps !)...ancient in my community....retired a few months back...spending my days at the back of the place is now taken by Green. I have heard that Green is taller,broder and slimmer than me or my predecessors ...m'lady surely has changed tastes now ! Latest gossip is ....shhh...let this be between you and me...Green is also halfway towards retirement !Ever since  Green arrived,m'lady has been filling pages & pages everyday. I was not so lucky ( or was I ? a matter of perspective...)

I was born in...nah!...not those schoolboy kind of boring details ! one fine day,m'lady found me,lurking in the cupboard , empty and tempting..inviting..and decided to make friends with me !

If you see , my initial pages are filled with neat,beautiful writings....excerpts from the books she was reading....self help books...some great passages...notes to be read again and again.But somewhere along the line ,that changed. She read a book called...what was the name ?....hmmmm....let me check...where is it ??....anyway...that's not important....what's in a name ?... So, she read a book which stated that, for true writing,straight from the gut as it is known,you just take a paper and a pen and start writing,without a pause. Ever since that day,my pages are filled with,spidery,running ,sometimes unreadable writings,innumerable grammatical and syntax errors,not to mention some really vile and negative thoughts !

Let me be very honest here...Hope m'lady doesn't read this...she has this habit of reaching seventh heaven after even a little praise....nestled amongst this negative writings are some really good pieces , some of these have already been published on m'lady's blog.Rest are still waiting,till m'lady finds them again. don't look at the last pages...that has nothing to do with writing ( as in literature) There are some phone numbers ( I am always handy,sitting on the table ,next to the telephone) ,some recipes ( ladies will be ladies !) and...I love this....two huge lists - one of the great books she has read in the past and had no time to describe in my pages and second,recommended reading - books to be read in future .

You know, I am retired now,but this is a very happy phase in my life , (In spite of what is written in pages,I have a naturally sunny disposition...) I am spending my days in company of like minded people , discussing interesting books,events ,generally having a good time ! And we are immortal...a happy immortality....association with happy memories and good friends....a contented and a peaceful life  ...I am sure , my remaining  days are going to be very interesting !

I think ,you humans should learn something from us,the secret of serene ,satisfied life. ...guiding  young ones , passing all that we learnt to the next generation....enjoying in the moment ! is a distinct possibility ,that after m'lady departs from this planet , I may also not live....termites or the neighbourhood raddiwala and all that....But till then , most of the passages written inside my pages would be immortal , on the thing you call as internet...and the rest ? did not deserve to be published....

Okay...on that note I declare this speech to be over and we can go back to the more important business of loving and living life !  Let the celebrations begin !!  Cheerio !!!