Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Anuradha...cry of an anguished soul....

Hrishikesh Mukherjee always made simple,beautiful movies...movies about normal,ordinary people...stories that happen in our lives....without much melodrama,he touched some real issues and the end result was always an endearing and entertaining movie.

Anuradha is one such simple story about normal people and the dilemma faced by them.

If two great people are married to each other,and if both are great in their chosen professions,does it mean that the lady has to bury her ambitions for happiness of her family ? Or a doctor,who is working for the poor people in rural areas,neglects his wife for his patients, is he wrong ?Actually ,there is no answer to this dilemma, both are right in their own way.Yes, there should be balance and compromise ,but a doctor's life may not have all that !

Anyway, that is not the whole discussion....who am I to question and comment on the story or the direction ...especially if I have enjoyed the movie, enjoyed the great music and especially enjoyed crying ( buckets ) at the end of the movie ! As a viewer, my job is to understand,appreciate and enjoy the movie,the vision presented by the director,.How can I insist that the heroine should behave in a certain ( Read : correct and sensible) manner ? Then there would be no story at all !!

Story in a nutshell...Anuradha Rai, a famous singer meets and falls in love with Dr.Nirmal Choudhary.She gives up her family , music and her glorious career to settle in a village with Nirmal where she cooks, cleans ,looks after their daughter ( a very endearing and entertaining child !) and whenever she has time, looks longingly out of window.( Instead of sitting with her Tanpura to do some riyaaz !)

Generally public sympathy is supposed to be with Anu ( Leela Naidu ...this was her debut film and she looked very beautiful.) But my sympathies were with Nirmal....excellent doctor and father . Balraj Sahni was a great actor and he has portrayed this role very well....falling in love , devotion to his profession , being oblivious to his wife's distress , and tears when he knows that his wife is leaving him.Particularly effective scene is where Anu says..." You don't care about my needs." Nirmal replies ," But do I care about mine ? ( Meaning : We both are one and I treat you exactly in the same Manner As I treat myself !)

Though his movie was not a commercial success,this film was critically appraised and received President's medal. For me, the highlight of this film is and would remain...the divine music by Pandit Ravi Shankar. Four beautiful songs by Lata...what more one could ask for ? Peppy " Sanware sanware " , a song of love , lively " Jane kaise sapno me kho gayi" and two sad songs...cry of the anguished soul...." Haye re woh din " and " Kaise din bite " .It is difficult o decide which song I love the most ,but I will go for " Haye re woh din " ....Anu's pain touches your soul....

This is just to end this post on a happy this song,too