Sunday, August 9, 2015

Flotsam and Jetsam 1- Superwoman


Is she really ? Or just an attention seeking child ?

She wants to be the heart and soul of any party or any meeting or just about anything. She wants to have her finger in every pie...sometimes an entire hand ! She throws tantrums if excluded...loves to dress up for parties and even otherwise....this is normal for any person but for her ripe old age ...and I must say she carries herself quite well.

Sometimes she behaves like a mother (or acts like one...on hindsight more like a mother in law if I may say so.) And at times we end up mothering her...praising her, ascertaining that she did that correctly. She also has a habit of telling all ,especially boss no 2.....see, I also know how to do certain things ( like you do) , I am not totally dumb ( like you all think I am )

She calls our boss as 'The Sir '- Is this a mark of supreme respect or just an ignorance on the use of articles ? I wonder....She can be extremely blunt at times, especially with certain irritating customers and this has landed her in trouble many a times.While talking to customers ,she has this( sometimes embarrassing ) habit of slipping into vernacular (- without actually knowing whether the person understands Gujarati or not ...haha !!) and tends to speak very funny English like “ There is no any connection sir “.

She loves her power-proclaims every day-see, I have rights to do this ( which none of you have ).  but hates (sometimes) the extra work and resposibility this power brings. Her crying episodes are famous (or is it infamous I want to say ?) Each has some story which we find laughable but carries a very deep (!) meaning for her.

She is childish and child like at the same time.Her energy is tremendous. Sometimes she accomplishes more at her age  than us youngsters.Another positive quality about her is her confidence-lack of correct english usage has never bothered her. ( Her confidence also reflects in the way she drives her car- although I have never experienced it I have heard that she makes people sweat by her great speed ! )

I was sure  that I was never going to publish this article but things have changed in past couple of years. ( I was not going to because my confidence in her power was complete- my life would have been really miserable -- But -but - only if she would have understood this ! wink! )

And since the lady’s stint at office( In an extremely dramatic way !) has ended now there will be a concluding part - one which will have anecdotes and the dramatic farewell  !