Sunday, August 9, 2015

Flotsam and Jetsam -2 " P"( For the lack of better title )

He was a very lively person who descended on us on a fine day in July ,a few years back.His entrance was very ordinary but exit was dramatic ! Office had witnessed such dramas before but for me , being a newcomer , it was the first.( Since then I have witnessed a few such incidents- you learn ! )

He was not a brilliant ,inspired worker but was definitely an inspired buffoon. In a place where work is so sacred that joking and small talks are considered as (punishable ) offences , he cracked some or the other kind of joke every five minutes- a P.J. of course.A couple of months later I started laughing just by looking at him ( He shared my table -That is why- only I was witness to most of his jokes)That made him very unpopular with the top people of course but otherwise very popular. Meanwhile his mistakes and distractions continued. But whatever it was he reminded us to laugh !

And then one fine day a small mistake of his got amplified, his arguments made him even more undesirable and he was made to leave in the middle of a working day .

Well, P, I had told you, if you ever chose to write your autobiography it would be interesting.  Consider this as a small tribute to those somewhat stress-free days that I spent in your company -thanks to you !