Sunday, August 16, 2015

The truth about Harry Quebert affair by Joel Dicker

Hmmm...a long  long titles...they promise an unusual book and sometimes, though not in this case, the story is altogether very different than what you would expect.

Now about this book....This is a story of a murder investigation , of a murder which happened 33 years back but is also tells us about birth of an author , death of another one ( figuratively, not literally ) and most importantly , many shades of love.

Harry Quebert , an author , who wrote his masterpiece many years ago is living in a picturesque village . His most brilliant student ,Marcus Goldman is seriously affected with a writer's block after tremendous success of his first book and now on the verge of losing everything he has. A mentor - a suspect and an investigator - a brilliant but empty novelist !

Nola disappeared 33 years back,she was 15  and in love with 34 year old Harry and then one day her remains surface- right in Harry's backyard.Harry is arrested and in his desperation calls Marcus. Marcus starts investigating as a result of which truth and a masterpiece emerge ...But even as the publication date of the book draws closer, the ending is not in sight...

It is a brilliant and dazzling book...what twists and turns ! I felt at least in 10 places ...this is it..a perfect solution ( but then why so many pages still remain ?) and then suddenly a new discovery !The form is great too...a novel within a novel...rather many novels within a novel.Characters of Harry and Marcus are written well...especially their relationship with each other.The novel also gives us glimpses of a writer's journey- the 31 rules of Harry. And of course ,Nola- after a while you do not know who or what she is...but then, her love for Harry  burns bright throught the book.

In the end ,the truth is something which I could never have imagined...immensely satisfying intellectually.a couple of times I felt -why this unnecessary repetition of certain passages-doesn't enhance the flow of story in any way..and not particularly brilliant passages too.
 But on the whole a great suspense novel...go for it !