Monday, June 29, 2015

A license to live : A seeker's journey to greatness by Priya kumar

This is the third book by Priya Kumar that I  read -previous two being 'I am another you ' and 'The perfect world ' I had liked both the books.

This book tells us story of Priya,a successful corporate guru...just like our author ( but not her- this is a work of fiction).Priya has everything in life but still feels that something is missing, She decides to take a life coaching seminar which takes her on a journey across the globe. It is not only a physical journey but also a spiritual one.She faces her own inner demons and her worst fears and emerges as a strong person thus earning a licence to live.

Ideas of taking a life coaching seminar,a spiritual journey and maintaining a personal growth journal are very very appealing.But..but ....only the  journal is practical .I have been maintaining a diary for last many years but it consists mainly of events and my vent outs- frustration .depression.negativity. This is a really wonderful idea of making it a growth journal-will definitely do it.

The greatest insights which I received from this book-

1.Most significant thing that the book tells us is to remain in Present.Let go of past and let go of fear of future. When we take responsibility for the present, we can learn from the past and change the future.

2.What you do every second of your life creates who you are.

3.You are your own guru.Ponder on your daily experiences and you can learn and grow.You are the question and you are your own answer.

4.All the people that you meet in this life shape you in one way or the other.

5. Whatever you direct your attention to will become real for you.

and so on.....

Well, some may feel that we know all this...yes but do we follow it ? Priya tells us this in a very interesting narrative.Story is good and she writes well.

Looking forward to more books by Priya Kumar....

And meanwhile....where did I keep my journal ???

See you soon....