Thursday, January 26, 2017

Love actually.....

Any emotion is not easy to describe. I believe that pure,single emotions are rare. They will always comprise of a mixture of various shades of multiple emotions,sometimes difficult to distinguish from one another.

Love is particularly complex. That is because the qualities which made you love a person might make you dislike him or her.

Love ,like most emotions, evolves and grows over time. Definition of love changes over time , varies from person to person(Just like God ! Is that why they say Love is God and vice versa ?).I will not talk about all types of love here ,which will include mother-child or friend’s love or love for animals or things like books. Just the romantic love.

There have been different definitions of the love in various books and movies.

‘Love is a verb ‘proclaimed one so called self help book. It may be, but doing things for your partner because you want to show your love, even if you don't actually love her, will not qualify as Love. It will be just a discharge of a duty.and no one would like to accept such an obligation.

‘Love is friendship ‘was a motto of many bollywood flicks, although a few new movies show a different side of this - so called friendzoning. “I love you , but not that way !” May be, to an extent love needs friendship ,but it needs something beyond that  too.

Many movies and books say that love will mean reading of silence between the words or understanding your loved one without him or her saying things actually. Well, that would mean,familiarity more than love. Or perhaps magic - mind reading.

Initial surge of love feels like excitement . It causes expansion of the self when you think everything is beautiful. This phase is caused by hormones and it does not/can not stay forever. Sooner or later it will turn into one or all of the above feelings . That is the changing dynamic of love which everybody experiences. This will involve friendship,companionship,communication , also trust and co-dependency.

Love to me means growing together -learning  and growing old.

(I have always disliked talking about this topic….as this topic is intensely personal…but a friend had suggested this topic long back. This one is for you,friend !!)