Saturday, January 21, 2017

Carpe diem !!

I am attending a training workshop on ISO 15189 from last 3 days. Being away from my routine work has suddenly stimulated by brain. I have been writing and writing since last two days. Unfortunately,all my friends who read and like my writing are busy. No readers for this writer( or a scribbler ?) this weekend ! Surprisingly, I find that this hasn't stopped me . ( Should I say ‘unfortunately’ ?)  

It is very much likely that after this frenzied activity,my brain will go into hibernation. It has happened before. It is logical : anything in excess,howmuch ever good ,can be nauseating after a certain point. I will disappear from the blogging scene for many months and reappear when I attend my next training workshop !

Tomorrow is the last day of workshop !

I tell myself  - Carpe Diem !