Wednesday, April 27, 2016

W- Walk

A walk on the roads…

Every day I walk home from work . It is a short, 20 minute walk , it also involves climbing up and down a railway bridge ( Illegally – without a ticket!)

Since I walk on this route daily , I just walk mindlessly ,without really paying attention. But at two places my mind springs into attention- everyday !

The first one is a bookshop called ‘The Book Shop ‘ ( Like the dog whose name was Dog!) There are new books, second hand books, books on sale (Rs. 100 per kg) and books on rent. Sometimes I stop over to buy or rent books…a happy day for me !

The other place is a gym…Every time I pass it , I think…yes…I am going to join this gym one day ! But I know that I don’t really like gymming , I will not be a regular there and it surely will be a waste  of money !

That’s when I console myself…these short capsules of walking exercise are all that you need ! 

Continue girl !!