Thursday, April 21, 2016


Frankly speaking , I don’t like rains.

I know…they are necessary and considering the drought situation I may sound callous….but I often wish it would rain only in catchment areas ,leaving my home and office areas dry !....( Or there could be more rain water harvesting projects  in Mumbai , at least our suffering will not be in vain ! )

But there are a few instances ,when I like rains…

First rain of the season …sudden coolness of the atmosphere…lovely ,earthy smell ….crisp and hot bhajjias and romantic songs playing in the background !

And of course…the last rain of the season….although you don’t really know that ,but you certainly hope so….thunder and lightning ,again sudden coolness after a spell of humid ,hot weather….reminding you that the festive season is just round the corner….

And in between it is just wet clothes , musty smell in the office , water logging , mud , irritation and anxiety …..