Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Real or surreal ?

Come,walk along with me...
Oh my dear, dear friend...
I need you today,more than ever,
Truly ,I'm at my wit's end...

Let's go for a long walk,
Let's take this road,
Look at the stars and the moon ,
Feel this bitter cold...

This cold shocks and startles the brain
And invigorates the mind ,
With dimmed lights and flattened noise
I can see, I've been blind

I searched for counsel everywhere ,
Now I know,I searched in vain
You have been here all along
To share my joy and pain

You listen patiently,no nasty comments
No advice till I ask
You keep my secrets,not bashing a lid
My life no more a task

You always are willing,
Never busy or sad,
I know , you are a kindred soul ,
Like me, a tad bit mad !

With you as a company,
May this road never end,
Quite refreshed ,we may return,
Ready for world,hand in hand...

I know,it seems ,there are two of us here
But thing is that, we really are one,
When you're your best friend n enjoy your company
They say for sure,you are never alone

Oh ! don't be so surprised and shocked and shaken
At the secret I am about to reveal...
I know it's all happening in my head,
but that doesn't mean it's not real...

( Sorry JKR...couldn't help stealing that line !)