Sunday, November 8, 2015

To take or not to !!! ( Sabbatical ! )

I always feel that one should give a fair chance to one's dreams. But I realize that this may not be always possible for all. There are going to be professional and financial restrictions for most. For a few lucky people , their profession may be their passion . But , for some , it may not be so .

What could be the middle way is taking a sabbatical .Some companies provide their employees a chance of taking a sabbatical - lucky guys ! For others , it is really a tough decision .  ( If , even that is not possible , then maybe you could take a small holiday and instead of going on some exotic vacation, do some of the things you love. ....Of Course, it  is quite possible , that , going on an exotic vacation is your dream ! )

Taking a sabbatical ( Derived from word Sabbath : ceasing , literally ) means taking some period off from your career , for some purpose . Why not take it for fulfilling your dreams ?

But ,coming from a  daily life of well defined structure , suddenly a lot of free time in hand , may not be always productive . In fact , one is liable to spend it in a most attractive activity : sleeping !

All this free time ,  may sometimes play havoc with one's mental makeup - empty mind and all that !

To top that " Am I doing the right thing ? " , " What will happen to my career after this ? " , " Am I wasting my life ? " are the nagging questions that are always uppermost in mind .

And then there are usual well-wishers , showering you with their pearls of wisdom...." आमच्या वेळी हे असं नव्हतं हो ! एकदा चिकटलं , की मान खाली घालून काम करत राहायचं ! म्हणे sabbatical - नुसते चोचले ! - दुसरं काय ? " Such loving enquiries may take you the black hole of negative thoughts and emotions .

What you need to do - that is if you decide to take a sabbatical - is  plan the things that you want to do .( Don't put rest and sleep at the top of the list , please ! ) and plan them beforehand - as early as possible - and start implementing it immediately - while you are still working .

Think of what you always want to do ....reading ? singing ? dancing ? trekking ? learn something new ? - a language perhaps ? or some art ? so structure your day incorporating something everyday....and leave some time for rest , sleep and daydreaming ( satisfied ? )

Most important , leave an hour daily for exercise - a healthy body will give you a chance to pursue your dream , once more , many more times . and yes , just because  you are at home , for more time than usual , don't make frequent visits to kitchen !  At the end of your sabbatical , you will have a trim and healthy body , noticeable by all ! ( Even if they belittle your dreams , they dare not belittle this ! )

Spend some time nurturing all those relationships which wilt due to lack of time .

Be sure to do all those activities , for which you always said - " I don't have time ....I am busy , but I would have loved to do it ! "

People have tried to live frugally for the period of their sabbatical and discovered many joys - joys without spending . Afterall , true happiness is always free ! ( For some people , living frugally may be a source of joy ! - There was a book about this ...though I don't remember the name . )

Who knows what will come out of this - for people who are passionate about their profession , will go back to it with renewed vigour and the people who are not , may find their passion !