Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Some thoughts on demonetization

 Lots of things have been already said on this topic. In fact, this is the hot topic of discussion on most of the social forums.

Most of our thoughts are derived from what we have read in media. Very few among us are economists and even the economists will not be able to predict with certainty what will happen in the future.

There is a possibility that the opinions on demonetization are going to be colored by your views on Mr.Modi and also your experiences in the queues in last few days.

One thing is certain - This was a bold decision ,vote-banks and political affiliations were disregarded. This is not a frequent occurrence in democracies .

While there are ways to convert black into white , this is not easy given the vigilance by the I.T departments.I have the (mis)fortune of knowing some people who have hoarded cash and they are helpless , depressed and suicidal.

I am not a Modi fan, because I have never believed in religion as basis for a political party. But I see a person who has taken action,rather than just talking.

In any major decision affecting society , there is going to be discomfort to majority of the people , just like pain , discomfort and side effects involved in a cancer therapy. Does that mean that we give up therapy and do nothing , hoping that cancer would go away on its own ?

Indians are innovative , they will find loopholes in any situation. I am sure that even this situation must have triggered the fertile imagination of many shrewd persons .

There have to be repeated efforts or ' surgical strikes'.As we all know, there is nothing like 'forever'.

As the government says, this is only the beginning.Let's give them a chance.Let's be patient and watch , that's the only thing we can do anyway at present.

Only time will tell whether this move is effective or not.