Monday, December 28, 2015

Passions !!

What is a passion after all ?...something which keeps you awake at night ? or something which makes you forget everything else during the day ?....If I define passion this way, I am not sure that what I think about restarting will qualify as a passion. But yes....there are a few things which I definitely would like to restart.....

The first thing which comes to my mind is drawing and painting, which was a compulsory subject in primary school...the only subject in which I have a ( dubious) distinction of failing ! ( Never failed in anything else in now, I have this fear of failing...I often wonder ....if I had failed more often, would I have been a risk taker ?....) That was in standard 5 , when I was given 3 grace marks and promoted ! Since then, I have been very sure that I can not draw. All those watercolours always made my paper messy and soggy ....aaarrgh !! I simply hated it and was very happy when the subject stopped being compulsory.

I rediscovered drawing again when I was playing with my toddler ,around 12 years back....I tried to draw a horse and everyone recognized it as a horse, including my two year old ! I got a shock of my life , when I discovered that drawing and painting was not that difficult ...I had simply made a monster of a shadow !! ( It might be age...but I prefer to think that I have an undiscovered talent !) Then I slowly started drawing and painting , teaching my son, till he decided to join a art class , thereby ending my short stint with drawing .

A couple of years back I came across a wonderful book called " Drawing from the right side of the brain " by Betty Edwards. Though I could not study it completely due to a busy work situation, it nevertheless fascinated me . It is all about looking at an object...anybody can draw if you can silence your overtly thinking left brain ! This is how I plan to restart drawing one day !!

Another passion or something which I love dearly is dance. I often regret not learning to dance in childhood ( A wasted childhood...spent in studying !) I intend to start dance as soon as I overcome my inhibitions ( and my family members get used to the concept of me dancing !! :) )

On the other hand, something which I have already started is singing and writing. Reading, which is another passion of mine , is something which is actually a daily ritual....I do it as religiously as brushing or bathing !

Let's see what this new year brings .....