Saturday, December 23, 2017

2017: Books

The year 2017 was very good in terms of reading and books for me. I have read at least half of the books that I have bought this year which is good but I have not been able to curb the impulse to buy more and more books. In short, I read more but I bought much more !

I acquired a kindle this year and since then I have been buying e books . Only physical books that I bought were second hand ones. I also bought several books by weight, Rs.100 per kg last month.

My reading preferences have changed suddenly and drastically this year. From a non fiction and mystery reader, I have become a fantasy and literary fiction person. I generally do not prefer to but this year I have reread a few books.

Last few months , from September onwards, I have been reading around 10-12 books per month.I have been writing about all the books that I read in my diary since last couple of months. But  I may not have mentioned about some books anywhere , so the actual number may be more.In total , I have read around 80 -85 books this year.

A few books that I loved and I would like to recommend

Lincoln in the bardo by George Sanders - the winner of the man booker prize this year. Abe Lincoln’s youngest son dies.This story is about the president coming to terms with this . More than that, it is the story of the son understanding that he has died. I loved the writing style and the concept.

Trouble with sheep and goats by Joanna Cannon - One day, Mrs.Margaret Creasy simply disappears. Two 10 year old girls who start looking for her and then for God in all the houses of their lane . They believe that He can protect all the persons in their world. The novel is alternately written in voices of the girls and in third person.

Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine by Gail Honeyman - An utterly delightful and well written novel about a girl who wants to be very ordinary and almost invisible.

We were liars by E.Lockhart - A YA novel, I normally do not read YA novels but this was recommended on booktube. A very well written novel about a group of teenagers whose life changes one summer.

Farseer trilogy by Robin Hobb - I finished last book of this trilogy yesterday. These are fantasy books and very very chunky. The last book is 850+ pages. They are part of a huge series consisting of 16 books in total. It is a story of FitzChivalry, a bastard son of Prince Chivalry. The story starts when he is 6 year old. His upbringing, his special powers, his profession (of an assassin),his training, the political intrigue, his quests are narrated in a very interesting manner. I like this book for another reason too - this gave me the confidence that I can read really chunky books too.

The end of your life book club - Will Schwalbe . Author’s mother was diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. While waiting for the chemo sessions at the hospital , she and Will started discussing the books they have read and this book club was started.

The girl with a dragon tattoo -Stieg Larsson. I watched a marathi play based on this novel . I had read the book many years back but watching the play made me want to read it again. I found it as well written and horrifying as I had thought before.

Universe vs Alex Woods -Gavin Extence . I Loved the character of Alex who is a smart 17 year old , a science nerd and a reader . His great friend is Mr.Peterson who is old, somewhat cranky and grows marijuana. I loved Alex’s voice :smart,funny and stating some profound truths in a simple way.

Uprooted -Naomi Novik. While this may not be the greatest book ever, it is special to me because it got me into the fantasy genre. This is a story of a magical, evil forest and is fast paced and well written.

To the bright edge of the world - Eoin Ivey . This book tells the story of an expedition that Captain Forrester took to the Wolverine river in Alaska. It is also the story of his wife Sophie who had to stay behind.

Lillian Boxfish takes a walk -Kathleen Rooney . Mrs.Boxfish,who is almost 80, takes walk, in New York city, on a new year’s eve, thinking about her life till now. This is a story of struggle of a working woman in 20s.

The uncommon reader-Alan Bennett. The Queen is the uncommon reader who takes up reading at a late age and due to this she finds all her other duties boring. This is a  small ,well written and entertaining book with some great quotes about books and reading.

My aim for next year is to read lesser number of  books but of different varieties including nonfiction , to buy less books and finish the books that I have and to write more .

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