Saturday, March 7, 2020

Some ranting about a book which I hated.

I finished 'In the woods' today. I absolutely hated it. But I will still recommend it with caution because not everybody would have my reading tastes, somebody may actually like it.
I will not continue this series, in fact I will not read anything by Tana French.
My reasons for hating it...
  1. First person narrative : I don't like it in literary fiction , fantasy , mystery and even in police procedurals. Exception is Agatha Christie.
  2. Was it really a police procedural or detective story ? Most of the novel was spent in analysis of detective's feelings.
  3. I like mysteries as puzzles. Intellectually stimulating. Satisfying when they are solved. This was none of that. I don't want to read about the real legwork, boring paperwork, tons of interviews of witnesses.
  4. Unreliable narrator , psychopaths : hate both.
  5. Detective could not separate his personal life from work.
  6. Failed romance between detective partners which spoiled their relationship. Unnecessary.
  7. Very slow pace , would have been acceptable if I would have liked the mystery
  8. Mystery uninteresting, but still disturbing , I can not sleep now. Hence hating it even more.
  9. Lots of unnecessary, boring stuff regarding road development. ( 🤦 !)
  10. 2 mysteries,of which one remains unresolved. Feeling cheated.  Hate it absolutely.( But thank God, I haven't spent my hard earned money…)
  11. The narrator detective remains as a solitary depressed and disturbed man in the end.
  12. The perpetrator goes unpunished. In fact, unblemished and unaccused too. Free to commit more such crimes. Hate that so much that if I had a physical copy, I would have thrown it across the room ! And the perp was not particularly intelligent too, just psychopathic. 
  13. Though this is a series, the only common theme will be the city of Dublin.
  14. Not formed an attachment to a single character.
  15. Feel absolutely stupid for spending so much time reading it.

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