Sunday, April 7, 2019

Three books that I would be reading next

Three books that I would be reading next
1.Lethal white - Robert Galbraith
I love JKR's Harry Potter books . I like her Cormoran Strike ones. They are okay but I wouldn't  miss them. But then why I am reading this ? Even after deciding that I will not continue the series ?  Well, because I got it free and as a part of my minimalism drive, I have decided to read and/or throw away all the unread books I possess !
This is a thriller and it is the fourth book in the series. I have already started this and I'm about 20% in the book. As with all her books, the characters are well written. The plot moves a bit slowly and takes detours to show us backstories and side stories of the characters. I do like the reading experience but I am find that it evaporates soon from my memory .
2.Fool's errand : Robin Hobb
This is the seventh book in her 16 book long  fantasy series ‘The realm of elderlings’.Unlike the previous JKR series , I love this one and I read other books in between because I don't want to finish the series fast. Because I would find it very heartbreaking to live in the world where there are no more Robin Hobb books to read.
This series consists of 4 trilogies and a quartet. This book is the beginning of the third trilogy. Here we return to the characters of the first trilogy. These are  slow moving books with well written, strong characters and strong plot . They are in fact called literary fiction fantasies. The magic element is not wand wielding, firework inducing thing causing people to transform ,disappear or die. It is more of a mental connection to people and animals and hence feels natural and realistic....if at all there is such thing as natural or realistic magic. And there are dragons , which may not be my favourite trope in a fantasy but they make life interesting in there.
3. There are  many candidates for the post of the third book. There is Circe by Madeline Miller which is an award winning fantasy book. There are also second books in at least 2 different fantasy stories and there are many first books in fantasy series waiting for me . So, difficult to say which book I would pick after finishing these two….
On books that teach me :
Human soul thrives on stories. Books give us that and much more. It teaches us courage , to go forward in spite of fear. It teaches us about truth and reality , that it only our perception , truth cannot be set in concrete.
I believe school teaches us facts and concepts , it introduces us to various subjects. Real education begins after the school and books are our hand-holding, guiding friends for that journey. The lessons they teach stay in our mind, long after the facts and concepts fizzle out. They shape ourworld view.  
I read somewhere ' why read dull, drab self help books,when you have great stories giving you the same wisdom, in an intersting way, so that you will remember and internalize it forever?'
To conclude, books for me are great friends and guides, sometimes more than the real people...

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