Saturday, January 19, 2019

Favourite books 2018

The year 2018 was very good in terms of reading as I mentioned in my previous post. I read so many good books, that it was very difficult for me to choose my favorite ones. Some books which I enjoyed reading did not remain so in my memory, so I demoted them to honorable mentions. Some books, however, have remained in my mind, long after I finished them. In lingering there, they have risen in my mind. Here is the list of my favorite books.

1.84, Charing Cross Road : HeIene Hanff

This is a nonfiction epistolary book about the correspondence between the author and a London bookseller. I loved this book so much that I read by it immediately after I finished it.

2. Diary of a bookseller : Shaun Bythell

Again a nonfiction book, on books. This is, as the title says, diary of a bookseller ! It is written in a diary format( as the title says !)  and is very funny.

3. Broken earth trilogy : N.K.Jemisin

I know this is cheating because I am including 3 books here. But as this is my list, I follow only my rules!

This is a fantasy series with the magic system based on natural energy of earth. I loved this series because the story and characters were good ,the writing was simple,beautiful and flowing. Most importantly, the way in which the story was told in second person ,was unique and intriguing and as we realise in the last book ,was very important for the story.

4. The final empire : Brandon Sanderson

This is the first book in the long fantasy series Mistborn. The magic system here is very interesting, based on burning/utilising metals inside your body. As I have read only the first book I will not comment on the story or characters here ,but I will say that Sanderson is a terrific writer.

5.The seven deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle :

A very unusual mystery where the time is warped and characters go round and round on the same story arc. Loved it for the unique idea and will be rereading it soon.

6. Sapiens : Yuval Noah Harari

This book took me the longest time to finish, no fault of the book as such. I kept on getting distracted by new fiction books. I am going to reread this book ,at some point in future.

7.Holding : Graham Norton

I read 2 books by this author in 2018. Though both were good, I preferred this one. This is a mystery but rather a slow one and has very well written characters. An unusual thing about this book is the protagonist who is an obese , good natured ,middle aged policeman who actually has a love life.

8. Ship of magic : Robin Hobb

Robin Hobb has become one of my favourite fantasy authors. This book is a part of a really long series called’ The Realm of Elderlings’ ,and  is composed of multiple trilogies and quartets. This book is the first in the second trilogy. Though there is a common thread in all the trilogies,this one appeared totally unrelated. But I am patient (and eager… ),eventually, when I read all the 16 books I will know…

9. Little fires everywhere : Celeste Ng( pronounced Ing)

This is a good ,old, solid, family ,emotional drama..

I loved it because it is written in a easy,flowing language, with great characters and a great story with a fantastic twist…

10. The western wind : Samantha Harvey

This book has a beautiful cover,but I have the e book so …

When I read it , I was irritated because of the slow pace. Though it was a murder mystery, the story is told backwards and when I reached the last page , I couldn't see the point. It was as if the author wanted me to live life as if in 13th century when the book begins. I gave it only 3 stars. But slowly ,the book has grown on me. I will probably re read it in this or the next year.

So, that is my list of 2018 favourites..

What are your favourite books ? Have You read any of these ? If yes, what is your opinion ?


  1. Maya, I've read '84, Charing Cross Road' and also 'Sapiens' out of your list. But I envy you for Shaun Bythell's book that I am looking for.

    1. You should read that book, it is hilarious !