Monday, January 28, 2019

Audiobooks ?

I am a more visual person than auditory. In school I never understood a topic by merely listening to it , I had to read it myself. So,it is not surprising that I do not go for audiobooks. Only written word for me ! On paper or on electronic books… I read !

But I feel audiobooks are here to stay . Like all new things , they may have resistance in this generation of readers. My generation has embraced the electronic reader with gusto , next generation will audiobook their way through their TBR pile ! As long as they love books, one should be happy about it.

I can see certain advantages in audio books over ebooks/paper books.  When you are driving and you have a long commute , you can listen to a book . A good way to utilize the time !

Also,  if in old age,God forbid, your eyesight becomes weak, you can still 'read’ a book.

In my opinion , the most wonderful experience of an audiobook would come from  a work of fiction or a book that would have a lot of dialogues . Here the author / narrator would enunciate the dialogues and the character would come alive in your mind. Different accents, tones, voice modulations … sometimes the way words are said , may change the whole meaning !

I recently heard an audiobook..’ 84, Charing Cross Road’ by Helene Hanff. It is an epistolary book based on the correspondence between the american author and a British bookseller. The way the narrators made the characters alive was wonderful ! I almost decided to buy an audible membership !

But then I heard another audiobook. The book was a nonfiction one called ‘ Goodbye things ‘ by Fumio Sasaki. I had no problems with narration or the content of the book , but when I tried to look for a particular idea expressed in the book , I couldn't. It may be easy on Audible, I am not sure ,but since this was a freely available book on you tube , I was lost.

So,in conclusion , I will say that for now,  I will stick to my e-reader and physical books, but I will surely keep my ears open ….

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