Saturday, January 14, 2017


I am not a dreamer in real life but I dream a lot whenever I get a chance to snatch a few moments of sleep.I dream at night and I dream during the day when I take short naps. I have dreamt in a rickshaw too, on a relatively long journey of one hour.

My mother says that such excessive dreaming is due to poor digestion. But I believe that it is my fertile imagination and active brain !

I have read that in dreams ,you do not have any color. They are black and white dreams. But I definitely know that my dreams are multicolored.I dream of beautiful clothes and colorful (imitation!) jewellery.(Why not real ?.. I often ask myself ...)

As with many people , I do not remember most of my dreams. If they are mundane and unremarkable, I remember nothing at all. Sometimes all that remains in the morning is a fleeting impression….intense happiness or sadness , without really remembering what dream caused it.

A very troublesome theme that runs frequently through my dreams is exams. But instead of a math paper, I have to solve a marathi poetry paper,that too after realising that I have encountered the textbook for the first time on the previous day .

Another recurrent theme in my dreams is I have to reach to work at 9 am, and I can not for various reasons, most common being inability to find a transport on time.

Sometimes I have beautiful dreams of visiting castles and fairs and of shopping to my heart's content. Of course there are many once I dreamt that I was a tour of castles and historical places on a bus. But this bus was not ordinary,but like a castle on wheels...there was a party going on in the bus...with fine dining and dancing !

There are a few scary dreams to of losing yourself in strange lands and losing your loved ones but I prefer to forget them as soon as possible.

What I most enjoy in dreams are stories in which I am a spectator and a participant at the same time. This can  happen only in dreams. The disadvantage of this is you can not leave the scene when things get uncomfortable. I have been in romantic stories which caused fluttering and  tingling in my being for many hours after the dream had ended and which involved Colin Firth and Fawad Khan ( but not at the same time!).. but I will prefer to keep them a secret !

Once I was in a murder mystery. I didn’t understand if my role was that of an innocent bystander ,a suspect or a detective , but I am sure that I was definitely not a victim ! I knew who was the murderer ( not me !) and I remember looking for the murder weapon( a knife) that was hidden in my mother’s back garden ,that too ,at midnight. But before a satisfactory conclusion was reached, I woke up. ( This is another annoying part of my story-dreams...I have never been able to reach to the end! Once you wake up, you can never go back to sleep and complete the story.)

On a serious note, there have been books written on art of dreaming and harnessing power of your dreams and interpreting dreams and maintaining dream diaries. There are stories of people who have written symphonies and discovered solutions to complex mathemaical problems based on their dreams.  It is true that you will dream of a subject that is uppermost in your mind. But discovering solutions  in your dreams will be due to certainnamount of luck and coincidence alongwith plenty of hard work and intelligence.
I prefer to believe only in the entertainment value of ( my) dreams without attaching too much value to their interpretation and  correlation with real life.I often tell people that sleeping is my favourite pastime . My entertaining dreams are no less than a soap opera ( sometimes they are devoid of sense just like a hit serial!)