Saturday, March 19, 2016

Education today...

 This post is written in response to indiblogger prompt " Youth & EducationEducation system of India is more focused on bookish knowledge rather than practical knowledge. Still students are judged on basis of their report card. Give ur opinions on this subject " # educationsystem

First of all , what do we mean by education ? Formal - which is taught in school or informal - which happens in society, at home or by the teacher called life ?

Let's take formal education first . I will not say our education system is bad or good , but I definitely think that it could be made better. Some people think that many subjects taught in school are unnecessary . On the contrary I think that is not the case . Social sciences , languages ,math ,science - everybody should have a basic idea about these . What is prevailing today is rote learning , learning only for the sake of exams. I was fortunate to have some excellent teachers  who made me interested in the subjects that they taught. Unfortunately , not all of them belonged to school . ( More on this later ) But their passion made me want to read up and learn more on subjects such as history. This, I feel, is lacking in today's schools. I have seen schools often skip a few chapters, on the pretext that they were not required for the exams !

After a certain level, the students should be given a choice of dropping the subject they are not interested in, at the school level itself . Not all of them are going to be science students, some are going to be designers , movie makers ,creative people...why not encourage such things at the school level itself ?

Schools focus a lot on theory and enforce the same kind of rules on all. Home schooling provides an individual , tailor made , practical curriculum for each student, which is unfortunately not very popular in India.We ,as parents , could help in this.We could help kids to learn certain skills - simple things like basic cooking ...

Another area which is neglected in formal education is fitness and meditation. With social media ,internet and junk food the collective waistline of this generation is expanding and all these things are here to stay ! And then there is stress !  Fitness and meditation should be incorporated in the school routine rather than making it an occasional activity .

Informal education is as important . Every kid should be taught that failure is not the end of the world. Problem solving skills , interpersonal relationships ,and a positive attitude are more important than topping your exams .

We should encourage our kids to have hobbies just because they love doing it . Now, some kid may pursue this hobby with all his passion , but that's a bonus !!

I am sure ,you will ask me , where will these poor kids have time for all this  ? Well - we can create more time by stopping the coaching classes ! Pay teachers well , so that good people come to this field and stay there to infuse their passion into their students. ...they needn't supplement their incomes by coaching classes. Remove all the competitions at the school level...entrances can decide the further admissions. Let the school education be concept based , practical one....Let's make a new India !!