Sunday, November 22, 2015

Sangdil - A Stone hearted lover !

I had read about ‘ Sangdil ‘ on one of the blogs I am following and wanted to watch it ever since . It had amazing chemistry between its lead pair – Dilip Kumar and Madhubala  ( who happened to be in very much love in real life , too) and Sajjad’s divine music. I tried hard to find a good copy of it on the net but had to make-do with whatever was available – ( a copy in which audio and video are not synchronized at all – sigh ! – But at least I could see the actor’s faces in this one! – Aaha ! The beautiful Madhu and Charming Dilip with his underplaying kind of acting !)
The movie is loosely based on Charlotte Bronte’s  “ Jane Eyre “ .  Kamala , an orphaned but rich girl is ill treated by her foster mother but loved by Shankar – her childhood sweetheart and son of the house. When the cruel lady decides to send her to “ a school for naughty children like her “ , she sort of runs away to hide in an ashram ,( coincidently an Ashram for  devotees of Shankar- the God  ).She grows up to become a beautiful jogan ( Madhubala) , who wears  designer, backless and sleeveless ,slightly provocative  blouses and a little-leg-showing saris ! ( wearing red lipstick and a weird hairstyle too!- but Madhubala looks good – as always !)
We see Madhubala singing “ दर्शन प्यासी आई दासी” ,in Geeta Dutt’s peppy voice with Sajjad’s unique theka – lovely song but weird and surreal dance !
Later she bumps into her childhood sweetheart ( now called Thakur – Dilip – totally charming , suave and cynical ) in a totally Jane - Rochester kind of meeting – he falling from a horse and all ! A lot of confusion and refusing to identify each other kind of drama follows- In attempt to sort out this confusion , Shankar stages a small drama and goes away for a day . Here we have one of the most beautiful songs of Lata – “ वो तो चले गये अये दिल” a lovely ,sad song but slightly disproportionate amount of grief ( Nobody will sing “ मौत का इंतेझार कर”  if your lover is going away for only a few hours !)
Later as in “ Jane Eyre “, we discover that Shankar is hiding a mad wife in the cellar of his grand mansion and Kamla goes away, like Jane ,only to come back to a blind Shankar, after the grand house is burned to ashes ( again just like Jane ).
Meanwhile we are treated to a few more lovelies – Talat’s  “ ये हवा ये रात ये चांदनी “ – such a beautiful tune , that even Madan Mohan couldn’t stop being inspired from it , to make “ तुझे क्या सुनाऊ मै दिलरुबा “ This is picturised on Dilip who is trying to attract and repel Shammi at the same time !
 “ कहां हो कहां मेरे जीवन सहारे “ where Shankar ‘s heart and soul cries out for his beloved again by Talat Mehmood .
Talat -Lata ‘s duet “ दिल में समा गये सजन “a happy , chirpy duet , when lovers unite for the first time , also has Sajjad’s famous theka .

This movie may not be a timeless classic but Dilip - Madhu’s  amazing on screen chemistry and the divine songs makes it worth a watch . If only a better print was available !